Socially Engaged Yoga Network

Socially Engaged Yoga Network (SEYN) supports yoga teachers and community organizations committed to sharing the benefits of yoga with under-resourced communities in the Chicagoland area.  We build partnerships in the fields of community health, social services, environmental sustainability, and education to improve health, empower communities, and leverage resources for positive social change.

Let's collectively be the change! This year in 2018, the intention is to activate more socially engaged yoga work so that communities have more equitable access to yoga. You're invited to help deepen community impact across multiple sectors. Let's practice yoga beyond the mat and work together with intention exploring root causes of social issues and direct activities towards untangling structural barriers. Let's collaborate within particular sectors and prioritize action in solidarity.

When a group of people transcends their differences to meet on equal terms in order to facilitate a participatory decision-making process, community mobilization manifests. Let's begin a dialogue to determine who, what, and how issues are decided, and also set up a structure for everyone to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

You're invited to volunteer to help with the organizing efforts. All types of skills sharing are welcome. Now is the time!

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Also, did you know there's a new SEYN group on LinkedIN that hosts conversations and teaching opportunities for community outreach yoga? Click on link and request to join the group!